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Villem & McLeod - After Hours Sample Pack - Digital Format


After Hours by Villem & McLeod

This is a production sample pack and will be delivered in a .zip file.

Villem & McLeod have been busy creating more samples for your latest productions.

They really wanted to give dusty grooves and breaks the love they deserve. They have sourced and sampled many different breakbeats from a diverse array of genres, and given them a 2017 174bpm Drum & Bass update.

These are breaks we’ve not come across before and if you are not used to using breakbeats you’ll be surprised at the feel and groove of a real drummer re-engineered into the Drum & Bass tempo.

There are a wide variety of Bass loops, ranging from warm sub tones to heavily distorted synth bass. Each one custom built to fit into the Drum & Bass genre.

Also included are folders of evolving Pads, FX, Single Drum Hits, and Arpeggios/Synth Loops.

All these total 255 ready to use samples, and we pride ourselves on only including what we would use in own productions. Many other sample packs are larger (and 3 x more expensive) but we believe ours are far more useful and usable, and without filling the pack with oversized and unusable sounds.

After Hours Sample Pack includes:

65 Breaks/Beats/Percussion Loops
48 Bass Hits & Loops
39 Fx Samples
32 Pads
37 Drum Hits
34 Synth and Music Loops

336MB of samples in WAV format, 16bit 44Khz, normalised ready for immediate use.