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Utah Jazz - The Music Factory - CD & MP3s - SPEARLTD027


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Spearhead Records Present...

Artist: Utah Jazz
Title: The Music Factory

1) Promised Land
2) Growth Comes
3) Can You Handle It? 2016 feat. DRS
4) Real Good (Interlude)
5) Neverland
6) Mile High Club feat. MC Fava
7) Exploration
8) Next Level 90 (Interlude)
9) Give It To Me Right
10) Testament
11) Memories feat. MC Tina
12) One Of A Kind
13) Be Right Here feat. Random Movement
14) The Night Shift
15) Route 166

Utah Jazz returns to Spearhead Records with a brand new album for 2016.

Here is what Mixmag had to say about it:
Despite hovering quietly at the contours of the drum & bass world, Luke Wilson's enduring status as a liquid-funk deity is down to his USP - which has barely changed in 15 years. From the off, album number five sparkles with the dusty, crackly, soul-sampling aesthetic that has made him an international promoters' dream. Opener 'Promised Land' isn't just vintage, it's timeless: elegiac strings washing, brass horns mooning, strident breaks rolling with graceful dancefloor purpose. There's room for a pinch of harder textures too, as when DRS pops up on 'Handle It 2016', and pacier elements, when Random Movement guests on 'Be Right Here' - but Wilson's legions of fans should fear not: it's wall-to-wall liquid finery. Simply no one else can sweep in like this, after a couple of years silence, and plunge us once again into a sea of rare-breed samples, goosebumping melodies and gravelly funk licks. 9/10